Realtime Oscilloscope / Spectrum / Spectrogram applications from soundcard

Update (2013/04/11) : Version 0.4 is available. Noise reduction added and source code provided.

After googling a while I was surprised to see that there was so few free Java implementation for these functions. In the first place I had a need for real time sound analysis software being cross platform. So I’ve made them available. I don’t release the source code yet but I plan to do so as soon as it reach a sufficient maturity level.

You can download the software :


In a few words, theses tools processes signals captured but the soundcard (line-in or mic) in realtime. It provides means to analyse the shape of a periodic signal (Oscilloscope), the frequencies (or notes) decomposition of the signal or the evolution of frequencies (or tab) of a signal.

Key features includes:

  • Adjustable up/down synchro for Oscilloscope
  • Scale in frequencies and musical notes for Spectrum/Spectrogram
  • Cross plateform for all of them
  • Lightweight

Spectrum computation is performed through the FFT from JTransforms.

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