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Test du mini clavier Logitech diNovo

Test du mini clavier Logitech diNovo sans fil pour PC multi-média en version française. Un petit clavier élégant qui se fait discret dans le salon tout en permettant de contrôler le PC multi-média.

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Trust Vista Remote Keyboard KB-2950 FR compatible Linux

Ce clavier porte très mal son nom car tout à fait compatible Linux. Ce n’est pas une merveille d’ergonomie. Taper un long texte avec ce clavier est une vraie torture.

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Disable GNOME screensaver with mplayer

Mplayer is a wonderful player but it can’t disable GNOME screensaver. I did this small script to deal with this problem. The script monitors the active processes and if mplayer is detected it sends a poke to the screensaver preventing … Continue reading

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Webcam Linux: Logitech QuickCam Communicate Deluxe

At last, a fully operational, and affordable webcam for our Linux boxes! The Logitech QuickCam Deluxe is fully operational through the video4linux2 driver built in the recent kernels. Either the video and sound are operational for amsn and skype.

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Copy playlist files to media

It sounds amazing but most of the media player such as amarok, songbird and so on allow you to create playlist but doesn’t provide a way to copy files to media. This is although a very important fonction to bring … Continue reading

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